How to decorate your home in Dubai on a budget

After weeks of hunting for accommodation on the best property portal in UAE, you’ve got the right place. If you’re low on budget, there’s no way you can approach the luxurious ultra-modern flats of Dubai, but the one that’s not even fully furnished. Although it lacks that vague walk-in closet or the floor-to-ceiling windows you love yet, just because you’ve invested in an unfurnished apartment doesn’t mean you can’t decorate it as per your style.   

With impressive ideas, a decent budget, and creative flourishes, you can transform the place according to your taste. Let’s evaluate how. 

1. Changing the power sockets:

Besides being extremely affordable, this slight change leaves a significant effect on the interior of your home. While you could have to request the landlord’s permission, there’s no need for that as you’re the owner, so keep it on your bucket list. 

Take a stab at picking something more splendid that can grab guests’ eyes immediately. Just ensure that you count each light switch and power socket in the apartment before you go to save two trips. 

2. Getting new rugs:

One of the most repulsive aspects of properties is the flooring, especially in Dubai, where every flat seems to have the same tiled floor. It can significantly throw off the design and be the showstopper when you walk into your home. 

While covering the floor with ultra-modern tiles looks out of the question for most budgets, you can swap the look by investing in big lounge rugs. Since it’s easy to switch rugs, you can experiment with different colors and sizes. Also, it’s a perfect way to make your property uniquely your own. 

3. Repainting the wall:

It might sound like a repeated one, but many renters don’t want to spend on repainting a home they don’t own. However, if you’re planning to extend your stay for a couple of years, it’s worth aligning the walls with the rest of your home design. Choose a neutral color such as off-white or pale grey as it looks gracious.

4. Hanging colorful curtains:

It’s a great idea if you’ve outdated blinds on the windows of your beloved apartment. Often, they look pretty unappealing and cheap to the guests. To avoid this mishap, you can opt for hanging bright curtains over them. Despite being on the inexpensive end, curtains add to the warmth and comfort of your interior. 

For a cottage look, go for light-colored curtains made from natural materials. On the contrary, you must get curtains with sleek lines and a metallic finish for an ultra-modern design.  

5. Add lighting:

In case you haven’t realized it yet, lighting makes all the difference in the world. As long as you have impressive lighting within the apartment, it’ll shine bright like a diamond. 

While standing lights add to the excellence of your space, little work area lights add depth and warmth to the room. You can likewise pick hanging lights or lamps to carry an antique touch to the home. One more unique type of lighting which is generally simple to include for a rental home is scented candles. These will give delicate light and make your home smell nice.

6. Indoor plants:

Artificial plants are an impactful and budget-friendly addition to any home, especially if you’re a long-term renter. Having a worthy collection of potted house plants doesn’t let you miss the natural beauty outside. You can even tweak each pot according to your style. There’re various pleasingly designed pots to suit all tastes. If you live in a flat where you’ve no access to outdoor space, plants are an affordable way to bring beauty and nature into your home simultaneously.

Final Verdict:

Once you have finalised a flat for sale in Dubai, you can add an extra hint of homeliness to your space with these affordable, handy fixes. Meanwhile, you can enlighten the place without spending a lot of your hard-earned savings. 

In all, by adding these tweaks into the mix, and you’ll instantly notice the improvements within the apartment. On one end, where it takes out the vibe of residing in renting space, it permits saving valuable pennies for stormy days on the other.

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