Pros and Cons of Living in Dubai for Expats

Dubai appears to be a Disneyland for expats. And we bet that you must’ve been fascinated living and working in the city. Bursting with unique bucket lists and awe-inspiring landscapes, Dubai is one extensive family background that boasts an incredible selection of feasible accommodations to match.

As an expat, you could think about life in Dubai the same way you do the attractions. With plenty of diversity that caters to every preference, there’s an endless array of pros and cons to consider while you’re here. 

If you speak of the many expats living in Dubai, you might acknowledge the tax-free income and the luxuries of travel destinations. But don’t be fooled by the blinkered view, as it’s more nuanced than you imagination. 

Without any further due, let’s look at the potential pros and cons of living in Dubai.

Pros of living in Dubai:

  1. Allows Multi-culture:

Dubai’s cultural diversity is as astonishing as the destination where you’ll find them. Despite being an Islamic state, Dubai allows expats from every culture and religion to fit in to practice their faith with utmost freedom. And for that reason, you’ll witness plenty of mosques, temples, and churches in the city.  

  1. Budget-friendly Accommodation:

Renting a property is far more feasible for expats than purchasing. Likewise, life in apartments is a budget-friendly option as the short-term lease allows relocating whenever you want to. From grand city apartments to luxurious coastal villas, the ideas of accommodations across Dubai are as diverse as they’re dreamy. 

  1. Tax-free City:

If you’ve shifted to Dubai for job purposes, you won’t be paying any tax on the salary. There’s no need to deal with the nightmare of payable tax to the source. There’s no doubt that Dubai can be pretty expensive at times, so the elimination of tax sound like a big relief, no?

  1. Availability of Public Transport:

Public transport is a rarity in most developed states, but it’s readily available in the Emirates without hefty fares. In this regard, Dubai Metro is an accessible and affordable way to move around the city. There’s a queue of feeder buses offered at the majority of stations. In addition to buses, taxis are also a cheap alternative if you’re getting late for work. 

  1. Plenty of Outdoor activities:

Get in the vacation mode with Dubai’s exceptional outdoor destinations. There’s nothing like Burj Khalifa and Downtown Dubai to refresh and reconnect with nature. And after a tough year of the pandemic, the city is back to the most thrilling adventures available. And for that reason, Dubai makes an ideal location for an outdoor holiday. So, start dreaming of your next escape on a calm weekend, and there are no restrictions for expats as well.  

Cons of living in Dubai:

  1. Challenging laws:

Dubai is slightly bureaucratic, especially for the newly arrived expats who’re liable to get a permit before implementing an action. You need to ask for an allowance for literally everything from purchasing alcohol to driving a car and carrying a child in the front seat. 

  1. Heavy Traffic:

Jam-packed with sun-drenched beaches, family parks, and water parks, Dubai is home to heavy traffic, and its epic travel destinations just top it off. The traffic situations of the city can be unendurable at times, especially when you’re traveling via public transport. Remember that if you’re planning to go on a drive, it can be a lengthy venture. 

  1. Expensive Lifestyle:

Without a doubt, Dubai adheres to one of the most expensive lifestyles in the world. If you’re financially unstable, survival here won’t be an easy feat. Your handsome tax-free salary can quickly be eaten up by accommodation, grocery, kid’s kinder garden, and socializing. Sadly, most expats get attracted to the shiny Adour of Dubai and tend to leave shortly after. 

  1. Internet Censorship:

While surfing the browser, there’s a possibility that you might not be able to access multiple websites as they’re banned in Dubai due to the offensive content. And that’s quite news for remote and self-employed individuals. So, freelancers aren’t encouraged to join the impressive bandwagon of the city as the consequences would be brutal to their successful careers. 

  1. Unreliable health care system:

As reliable as it appears, the healthcare system of Dubai isn’t feasible for expats. There’ll be an issue of language barrier and affordability; the documentation can be time-consuming. It’s good to have registered health insurance before moving to Dubai to avoid such mishaps. 

Let’s Wrap it up!

To sum it up, Dubai has built a reputation among its leading expat destinations. The city warmly welcomes all the expats willing to work hard and make a fortune out for themselves. And in this regard, they’ll have to embrace the culture and traditions of the Emirates wholeheartedly. So, what’s stopping you from making a difference in the city with your brilliance?

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